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Why Trump May Win

Looking at these photos of Zimmerman, I got a chill up my spine, and the chill is that Trump will most likely win.

After the state attorney proved that Zimmerman was not law enforcement and he had failed at being one, he was found not guilty because the people on the jury, and if I remember correctly, mostly women, felt Zimmerman was not guilty because he feared for his life.

And Trump is playing on those exact fears. Fear is much stronger than hope or reconciliation or even healing social wrongs. Suburban whites don’t want integration of their neighborhoods or schools, they don’t want public transportation to their beaches or recreational areas. This goes from Robert Moses building beaches in Long Island, NY that could not be accessed by city buses because of low underpasses and narrow roads to the Light Rail not connecting Norfolk with Virginia Beach. It’s an understated, covert racisim but it does its job.

I never thought after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that we would ever slip back into Jim Crow Laws. But in reality, it never left.

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