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The wife and I watched this documentary below last night. We are from Brooklyn and were both teaching in predominantly black high schools back then.

The reason why I mentioned that is because one of big protests/boycotts that Reverend Al Sharpton spearheaded was near my first high school I taught at, Erasmus Hall HS. It was the Korean Grocery store boycott where allegedly (and most likely) one of the owners slapped a Black customer in the face. One of the teachers from Erasmus brought his class to the Korean Grocery to shop because Reverend Al boycotted it. He got in trouble with the Board of Ed but landed on the morning Joan Rivers show.

Nonetheless, what I am going to say will piss off alot of people, but I like Reverend Al. He did what he had to do to bring social justice to the city. And all of his protests were peaceful following the wishes of Reverend Martin Luther King. Back then Rev Al was very heavy set and had long, rock star hair which besides being Black, aggravated white people even more.

If you watch the documentary, you will see that America has turned into that Bensonhurst angry mob once again upon viewing the news sources and social media, having a President supported by the KKK and white nationalists, who calls predominantly Black countries shithole ones, who calls Neo-Nazi protestors good people, who calls Mexicans rapists. And the list goes on.

Jim Crow wasn’t really that long ago, it is part of my and my wife’s timeline and I am not sure if it is completely gone. No, I take that back, it still exists. It’s not as blatant as separate rest rooms and water fountains, it is much more subtle.

And to be honest, I don’t know which one is worse.


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