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  • When to take down your Christmas tree and decorations.

    I read a post today where someone asked when do you take down your Christmas tree and decorations. Quite a few said they took it down Christmas evening. If so, then you are celebrating commercial Christmas and not the religious one. Christmas does not begin on November 1st when Mariah Carey starts singing her Christmas… Continue reading

  • Today’s Gospel 09-19-2021

    “Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomesme, and whoever welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:37 Continue reading

  • How strong are our remarks? James tells us.

    I feel that today’s Epistle was more powerful than today’s Gospel. We are all aware, or at least most of us, of the Gospel passage that reads ‘ What has a man gain if he has everything, but loses his soul”? Very important and timely. But James’ Epistle talked about how strong our tongues are,… Continue reading

  • American Composers Concert at the Ferguson

    Seeing this concert tonight with the Mrs. An alll American Composers, this program will be delight. Aaron Copland is one of my favorites as well as Samuel Barber. The Barber work is “Knoxville Summer of 1915”, a very poignant and hauntingly beautiful work. Should be a favorite of Southerners who would sit on their porches… Continue reading

  • The NRA stops ban on assault weapons in Boulder, CO.

    So the Mayor of Boulder, CO banned the sale of assault weapons in his city. The NRA stepped in and litigated since the state of Colorado didn’t banned assault weapons, a locality could not. The NRA won. About a week before the mass shooting at the grocery store, the murderer purchased an assault weapon a… Continue reading

  • The Dr. Seuss Controversy

    To clear up a point of the current controversies, the books in question of Dr. SEUSS are not being banned. The Estate of Dr. Seuss has decided to no longer publish these books. The drawings of Black and Chinese people are extremely offensive. Whether it was the intention of Dr. Seuss to draw these stereotypical… Continue reading

  • A Night’s Welcome

    Prior to the pandemic, most churches in Hampton hosted “A Night’s Welcome” for one week during the cold months and then circulate. Because of COVID-19, the homeless are being fed for dinner and kept for the night at “The Central United Methodist Church”. Each day of the month, church’s parishioners greet, prepare dinner, breakfast and… Continue reading

  • Reflections On a Late Christmas Eve/Morn

    I love “It’s a Wonderful Life” for so many reasons. There is so much wisdom in it. It shows us even though we may have not reached all our goals yet, we can still have a meaningful, purposeful life. And our lives are exemplified when we show kindness, charity and compassion for others. This is… Continue reading

  • DEAD END (1937)

    Watched this movie tonight on Amazon. I’ve seen it before, it has Humphrey Bogart in it and first film appearance of the East Side Kids which started their long 20+ movie career. The tale is timeless and has as much meaning now as when the film was first produced. It’s about the rich gentrification of… Continue reading

  • “Because I love her too much to make her unhappy.”

    On the morning of the 24th, the 37th Anniversary of our Wedding, I was watching CBS Morning News. There is a segment where each reporter relates their favorite story of the day. Gayle King chose the death of Juliette Greco, a French renown singer and actress. (See article below) While the famous Jazz musician, Miles… Continue reading

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