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The Inhumanity of Garner’s Death

I read the entire article stated above in the city journal. The definition of a chokehold and the evidence of someone choking is discussed in academic detail mostly in the comments that follow. Bravo to these intellects for their objective findings!

What was unsurprisingly missing in their discussion was the lack of humanity, compassion, consideration and or mercy of these officers as they held him down in a tight corner with most likely little ventilation or breathing air space. Garners cries was not that he could not breathe because he was still being choked, but in that confined position with at least one large officer on top of him, he was not getting the air he needed to stay alive.

This basic lack of concern or just the intenntional ignoring of Garner’s condition is criminal in itself alone.

Garner may have been guilty of illegally selling cigarettes in front of that store, but I am certain he did not deserve the death penalty.


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