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  • 9/11

    Never forget. Continue reading

  • Why Trump May Win

    Looking at these photos of Zimmerman, I got a chill up my spine, and the chill is that Trump will most likely win. After the state attorney proved that Zimmerman was not law enforcement and he had failed at being one, he was found not guilty because the people on the jury, and if I… Continue reading


    The wife and I watched this documentary below last night. We are from Brooklyn and were both teaching in predominantly black high schools back then. The reason why I mentioned that is because one of big protests/boycotts that Reverend Al Sharpton spearheaded was near my first high school I taught at, Erasmus Hall HS. It… Continue reading

  • Another Wrong To Be Made Right!

    Per the video I saw this morning, link below, Sunday July 5th on the Today Show with Willie Giest; this segment brought tears to my eyes. Even when Black Men served their country in WWII, they were given a “Blue Discharge”, which is neither a honorable or dishonorable discharged. (Also given to gay servicemen). However… Continue reading

  • Trump and Russian bounties on American Soldiers

    It is believed that ignorance of the law does not make you “not guilty” if you committed a crime. Trump says he did not know about Russia putting bounties on American soldiers’ heads. Because he fails to attend daily briefings ton current affairs, Trump claims he didn’t know. But he is suppose to know. That’s… Continue reading

  • A Simple Thing To Do

    With all the debating, locking horns and protests going on, I hope, I pray that the final outcome is what this wonderful young man displayed, an unconditional love for our fellow human being. That simple effort is all we have to do. Continue reading

  • You are part of the problem or part of the solution.

    At our younger daughters HS graduation, there was a student speaker who talked about his grandmother. She told him that the “empty wagon makes the most noise.” And that is so true. If you pull an empty red wagon around, it makes the loudest of noises. But once you put items in it, the wagon… Continue reading

  • Removing Confederate Statues

    Towards the end of the Civil War that actually pinned brother against brother, cousin against cousin, Confederates began to recruit the very young and the very old. In the end, over 600 thousand men perished including the youth and the aged. Whether the passing soldier fought willingly for the Confederacy or fought because he was… Continue reading

  • Memorial Day for my Dad

    Memorial Day for my Dad, for my Mom I made this video for my father on the first Memorial Day after my Mom’s passing. They met during WWII in Germany, Dad being an American soldier and Mom, a resident in the town Dad was stationed. I wanted to commemorate their lives and all those who… Continue reading

  • A “Thank-you” Video

    Wanted to make a “Thank You” video for those who are risking their lives during this difficult time and those who we truly appreciate their work. Continue reading

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