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How strong are our remarks? James tells us.

I feel that today’s Epistle was more powerful than today’s Gospel. We are all aware, or at least most of us, of the Gospel passage that reads ‘ What has a man gain if he has everything, but loses his soul”?

Very important and timely. But James’ Epistle talked about how strong our tongues are, meaning, our remarks. Though small, it can change attitudes, ways of thinking, leaving people with despair or hope. A ship may be built strong to challenge the strong winds of a storm, but it is a small rudder that directs it. A stream may feed into a body of water either brackish or fresh water, but not both.

What we say has great power! If you are a true follower of Christ, this is the burden you carry, but once acted upon, yields so much positive results! Have a kind word for those who are in sorrow, have difficulties or are in need of assurance and hope. This is the message of the Good News, the Gospel.

Even if we do not posses the world, we can easily lose our soul. Always, always, be considerate of what you say.

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