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The Dr. Seuss Controversy

To clear up a point of the current controversies, the books in question of Dr. SEUSS are not being banned. The Estate of Dr. Seuss has decided to no longer publish these books.

The drawings of Black and Chinese people are extremely offensive. Whether it was the intention of Dr. Seuss to draw these stereotypical images as they were or perhaps he was oblivious that these images were hurtful does not change the fact that youthful minds should not think these images are acceptable or true representations of these races if the purpose of these books were to be educational.

Watching Mike Smerconish this morning, 03/06/21, I learned in the 1970’s the drawings were updated by removing the yellow colonization of the skin from the Chinese characters, but no changes to the Black ones.Perhaps an updated illustration of all characters could rectify the issue, but it may be too little, too late.

I have seen memes comparing a song of Cardi B to the offensive drawings as though we have accepted or overlooked the offensiveness of her lyrics. I want to go on record that I haven’t. But as long as her music is not marketed to young children, there is no comparison.

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