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DEAD END (1937)

Watched this movie tonight on Amazon. I’ve seen it before, it has Humphrey Bogart in it and first film appearance of the East Side Kids which started their long 20+ movie career.

The tale is timeless and has as much meaning now as when the film was first produced. It’s about the rich gentrification of a lower east side tenement area, dreams of getting out of the old neighborhood and bettering yourself and then the bad influences of those who left their upbringing by taking the road of crime.

Originally a successful Broadway Play in the 1930’s, the movie holds on that feel by having limited scenery which gives more emphasis on the dialogue. And to add, a great film score by the great Alfred Newman.

Though their block may be on a Dead End, so are their lives, but the ones who abide here are the most purest of them all.

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