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Trump and Russian bounties on American Soldiers

It is believed that ignorance of the law does not make you “not guilty” if you committed a crime.

Trump says he did not know about Russia putting bounties on American soldiers’ heads.

Because he fails to attend daily briefings ton current affairs, Trump claims he didn’t know.

But he is suppose to know. That’s why he was elected by the electoral college.

But I believe he did know. Trump is somehow indebted to Russia and I believe he owes a great deal of money to them. I believe they have financed a multiple of his developments. This is why Trump hasn’t shown his tax returns.

And think about it, would American banks lend money to a man who has had so many bankruptcies and thousands of lawsuits from contractors who he has not paid?

Wake up, folks. Trump is willing to sacrifice American lives so his loans won’t get called in!

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