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You are part of the problem or part of the solution.

At our younger daughters HS graduation, there was a student speaker who talked about his grandmother. She told him that the “empty wagon makes the most noise.” And that is so true. If you pull an empty red wagon around, it makes the loudest of noises. But once you put items in it, the wagon begins to quiet down as you pull it about.

Of course, Grandma was referencing our brains. When it is empty, it speaks loudly without any reference, without any knowledge.

There are many who can analyze our recent current events and understand why it is happening and what is it’s purpose. And there are those who do not ask the “why” but stay steadfast in their unchanging beliefs and ways.

When MLK started his marches and his protests, white Southernors said why does he (MLK) have to start trouble? The Negro is no longer a slave, what is this commotion all about? Of course, the majority of Americans knew this wasn’t true, and the Civil Rights movement started.

And that is what’s happening now. The status quo is being tested again and many heads will be bumped. The question is: What side of history will you be on? The problem or the solution?

Just one more note. Historic Black colleges were formed because many Blacks within their cities and states could not attend college. If you are white and want to attend these colleges, you can. There are NO racial barriers.

(Another stupid meme I am seeing that tries to prove these colleges are racists)

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