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Bill Cosby: Legacy vs Ideals

I always loved Bill Cosby.  I watched his shows, his
cartoons, his Bill_Cosby_1965comedy acts.  Always enjoyed when he was on Johnny Carson and David Letterman.  Cosby broke the stereotype that black characters in comedy sitcoms did not just have to be blue collar or unskilled workers.  He was an advocate for higher education for all races and believed education should start as young as possible.  These are ideals in which I also believe, and for many, many years, Cosby  was my role model.

Cosby was accepted by all of America as America’s Dad while he portrayed fatherly roles in his sitcoms and what seemed to be his unblemished fidelity to his wife Camille and their long-term marriage.

But apparently, his devotion was false, and false by not a one-time mistake, but false as with one with an addiction who was overcome by the momentary but powerful satisfaction that he received by drugging and forcing himself upon his victims.  Cosby was wrong and needs to be punished for what he has done.

Cosby will now be remembered as a felon.  At the age 80, there is not enough sands in the hour glass for complete redemption, perhaps some.  His legacy of America’s Dad, loyal husband is gone, but the ideals discussed above, can still live on,

We can all be advocates on the importance of education, whether it is going to a 4 year college or learning a trade and advancing to various certifications.  We can all believe that learning can start at an early age and does not end at an advanced one.  We can acknowledge that certain races are delegated for not certain jobs but can strive for any profession to which they set their heart.

And we can all believe in long term fidelity, being their for our children, being fun but always being a parent.

These ideals should always live on.

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