To all those who post memes on social media that ridicule and spread lies to the survivors of the mass killings. who saw loved ones being slaughtered, I pray that God somehow brings some sort of humility or compassion to your being.

This insensitive action is what worries me the most about our present existence; the moment when we lose the most basic concern for our fellow human being, especially children. This is the point when one society can enslave or exterminate another without an ounce of remorse or regret.

Before you post your next meme ridiculing protestors, or spreading rumors about them, remember what they have seen, what they have experienced, and what they must live with their entire lives.

This Holy Week, we celebrate the resurrection of one who taught us to lead by love and compassion, please remember that we should do so likewise.

Pray for those who died, were injured, and who have witnessed.

Author: Broker Associate, EXP Realty LLC

Christopher S. Garguilo, Broker Associate EXP Realty LLC I have been in the Real Estate Industry for 20 years. Originally licensed in New York City, where I held a Broker's Real Estate License, I have been licensed in Virginia for 14 years and now am an Associate Broker for EXP Realty LLC. Having relocated myself, I am well aware of questions and concerns that buyers may have who are moving from regions outside of the Hampton Roads vicinity. I have thoroughly researched the area and look forward to sharing this positive info with you. In my years of Real Estate Brokerage, I have learned that buyers and sellers ultimately want to work with agents who are professional, courteous, and sensitive to their needs. I have incorporated these values in my work ethic and have built long-term relations with both property owners and buyers. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music and have a strong fondness for classical music. I am a constant attendee of the Virginia Philharmonic and an avid listener and member of WHRO-FM. I also have a MBA from Long Island University. I have developed websites and am a firm believer that the majority of all purchases, whether it is Real Estate or the latest DVD movie, originate on the Internet.

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