Trump and Russian bounties on American Soldiers

It is believed that ignorance of the law does not make you “not guilty” if you committed a crime.

Trump says he did not know about Russia putting bounties on American soldiers’ heads.

Because he fails to attend daily briefings ton current affairs, Trump claims he didn’t know.

But he is suppose to know. That’s why he was elected by the electoral college.

But I believe he did know. Trump is somehow indebted to Russia and I believe he owes a great deal of money to them. I believe they have financed a multiple of his developments. This is why Trump hasn’t shown his tax returns.

And think about it, would American banks lend money to a man who has had so many bankruptcies and thousands of lawsuits from contractors who he has not paid?

Wake up, folks. Trump is willing to sacrifice American lives so his loans won’t get called in!

You are part of the problem or part of the solution.

At our younger daughters HS graduation, there was a student speaker who talked about his grandmother. She told him that the “empty wagon makes the most noise.” And that is so true. If you pull an empty red wagon around, it makes the loudest of noises. But once you put items in it, the wagon begins to quiet down as you pull it about.

Of course, Grandma was referencing our brains. When it is empty, it speaks loudly without any reference, without any knowledge.

There are many who can analyze our recent current events and understand why it is happening and what is it’s purpose. And there are those who do not ask the “why” but stay steadfast in their unchanging beliefs and ways.

When MLK started his marches and his protests, white Southernors said why does he (MLK) have to start trouble? The Negro is no longer a slave, what is this commotion all about? Of course, the majority of Americans knew this wasn’t true, and the Civil Rights movement started.

And that is what’s happening now. The status quo is being tested again and many heads will be bumped. The question is: What side of history will you be on? The problem or the solution?

Just one more note. Historic Black colleges were formed because many Blacks within their cities and states could not attend college. If you are white and want to attend these colleges, you can. There are NO racial barriers.

(Another stupid meme I am seeing that tries to prove these colleges are racists)

Removing Confederate Statues

Towards the end of the Civil War that actually pinned brother against brother, cousin against cousin, Confederates began to recruit the very young and the very old. In the end, over 600 thousand men perished including the youth and the aged.

Whether the passing soldier fought willingly for the Confederacy or fought because he was conscripted, their place in the afterlife is between that soul and God. I do not judge their outcomes. May the Almighty show mercy on their souls. All I know is that war stinks.

So remove these statues from public grounds where their existence conjures up so many fears for both young and old and put into cemeteries or museums.

And pray that we never settle our differences in this manner ever again.

Memorial Day for my Dad

Memorial Day for my Dad, for my Mom
I made this video for my father on the first Memorial Day after my Mom’s passing. They met during WWII in Germany, Dad being an American soldier and Mom, a resident in the town Dad was stationed. I wanted to commemorate their lives and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and our beliefs.

God bless all our military, living and past on this weekend.

P.S. Dad is still going strong at the Sentara Nursing Home!

Is the President responsible for the recent mass shootings?

Mass shooting last week had a predominant Hispanic population.

Mass shooting today is also in a predominant Hispanic population.

Can the vitriol that the President spurs, the White Nationalism that he obviously embraces, be responsible for these horrific acts?

So many people say the Nazi Germany could never happen again. We are a more humane world now. Those atrocities will never happen again.

How many Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, dark skinned people were killed before Nazism was realized to be the most sickening, destructive political regime ever to exist on this planet?

Aren’t we there yet?

Quality, not Quantity

This item is at a local eatery. I am not referencing the name of the restaurant because I don’t want to badmouth it. But I see food items like this many times from Restaurants.

In my opinion, you will never see an ad like this in Europe to bring customers to their restaurants. The believe in health conscience, locally grown and sustainable entrees.

Folks, I just came from England where I saw hardly no overweight men or women. (I won’t even go into men with great hair! I’m so jealous). American Restauranteers (not all of them) market quantity, not quality.

I’m overweight, so I’m not pointing fingers. I am part of the problem. The solution is to avoid excess like shown above even if it looks delicious. And then exercise.

The Inhumanity of Garner’s Death

I read the entire article stated above in the city journal. The definition of a chokehold and the evidence of someone choking is discussed in academic detail mostly in the comments that follow. Bravo to these intellects for their objective findings!

What was unsurprisingly missing in their discussion was the lack of humanity, compassion, consideration and or mercy of these officers as they held him down in a tight corner with most likely little ventilation or breathing air space. Garners cries was not that he could not breathe because he was still being choked, but in that confined position with at least one large officer on top of him, he was not getting the air he needed to stay alive.

This basic lack of concern or just the intenntional ignoring of Garner’s condition is criminal in itself alone.

Garner may have been guilty of illegally selling cigarettes in front of that store, but I am certain he did not deserve the death penalty.